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Wedding Basics

Is a deposit required to book the suits?
Yes $50.00 deposit is required to book with Miguel’s. A deposit of 50% is required to reserve each suit. This deposit is taken off of the total hire charge. (non-refundable)
How far in advance should I book my wedding suits?
We normally book our wedding suits between 12 and 6 months in advance of the wearing date.
How Far In Advance Should I Have The Fittings Completed By?
Everyone should have been fitted 8 -12 weeks in advance of the wedding date. The latest date possible to have fittings complete by will be stated at the time of booking.
Some members of my party cannot attend the shop for a fitting, what can I do?
You can book a suit for those members of your party who cannot attend for fittings online here
 Do you charge a Security Deposit?
Yes, in the event you or your guest does not have a valid credit or debit card; we charge $150.00 per suit as a security deposit. This is refunded in full on the return of the suits. Now Cash only.
How long is the hire (rental) for?
The standard hire charge is for 5* working days. (4 working days for Bank Holiday periods) This is assuming your pick is on a Wednesday for a Saturday use and return is on Monday.
Do I need a second fitting?
You can request a second fitting. Please telephone to arrange an appointment for a second fitting.
What should I bring when collecting the suits?
Please bring with you: your receipt, the balance of the hire and 1 form of I.D.
You can request a second fitting. Please telephone to arrange an appointment for a second fitting.
Should I try the suits at collection?
We require a final in store fitting prior to use. Customers declining this fitting assumes full responsibility in the event their is a issue in regards to fit and order accuracy.
Should I clean the suits on return?
No, dry-cleaning is included in the price. Please just return the items on their hangers properly inside of their covers by 1:30 pm the next business day.
When should I return the suits?
The suits are returned the first working day after the wearing date.
Can I book hire suits over the telephone?
You can telephone and leave the deposit to reserve the suits you require. The suits will then be booked once the ‘Group Hire Contract’ has been signed, and sizes submitted.