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The Heart of Miguel’s: Building Strong Vendor Relationship

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In today’s blog, we’re delving into the essence of Miguel’s and what drives our product and service offerings. At the core of Miguel’s business philosophy lies a simple yet profound principle: personal relationships.
Miguel’s founder, Michael T. Clark Jr., firmly believes that the brands, products, and services we partner with should all have something unique and special about them. And that uniqueness often stems from personal relationships. It’s a strategic approach that sets us apart and ensures we provide our customers with exceptional experiences.

The Value of Common Courtesy

Back in 2008, when Miguel’s was in its infancy, Michael faced a challenge that many entrepreneurs can relate to dealing with vendors who didn’t always prioritize common courtesy. While direct communication is essential, Miguel’s values the importance of traditional manners. Simple gestures like a warm greeting, addressing with courtesy (Mr., Miss, Ma’am, Sir), and showing respect have been ingrained in Michael since childhood.
He firmly believes in upholding these values in a world where social media and text messages often lead to shorthand communication. These small courtesies may seem old-fashioned to some, but they serve as the foundation for strong relationships in the business world.

Personal Relationships with Vendors

Miguel’s journey to find the right vendors was initially challenging due to the lack of alignment in values. However, as the business has matured, so has its ability to identify vendors who share the same values and principles.
Here are some examples of the personal relationships Miguel’s has cultivated:
1. Neckwear Vendors: Brands like Carrot & Gibbs and Dion Neckwear are more than just suppliers; they are personal connections. These relationships have been forged through mutual respect and shared values.
2. Sportswear Vendor: Miguel’s has partnered with a first-generation Italian American vendor whose personal touch adds depth to the sportswear offerings.

Why Vendor Relationships Matter

Building strong relationships with vendors goes beyond transactions; it’s about trust, shared values, and a commitment to providing the best for our clients. Miguel’s values the personal touch because it ensures that our vendors treat us as a priority. When we are a priority, we can ensure our clients always receive the highest level of service and the best quality products.
In essence, the heart of Miguel’s is its commitment to relationships. These personal connections enable us to confidently offer our clients the finest services, experiences, and products. Relationship building is at the core of everything we do at Miguel’s.
At Miguel’s, we have you tailored for confidence.

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