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Custom Suit

Bridging the Gap: The Evolving World of Wedding Attire

Traditionally, grooms have opted for rental tuxedos or suits, a more economical choice but one that lacks personalization and uniqueness. This choice costs between $250 and $450 but often means wearing an outfit worn by others multiple times. However, there’s a growing trend of grooms choosing custom or bespoke tuxedos and suits, with prices starting at $2500. These are not only tailored to fit perfectly but can be worn repeatedly, making them a wise investment.

Tailoring Perfection: A Closer Look at Richard Sherman’s Suit Missteps

During a recent Thursday night football game, it wasn’t the plays on the field that caught my eye – it was Richard Sherman’s attire. While his suit was undeniably crafted from superior fabric, it brought to light some key tailoring mistakes that we at Miguel’s Formal Wear are passionate about correcting. Button Etiquette: A Simple, …

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The Art of Elegance: Crafting Perfection with Horsehair Canvas at Miguel’s

In the heart of every luxurious suit at Miguel’s lies a secret – a foundation that is as timeless as it is unseen. It’s the horsehair canvas, the unsung hero of bespoke tailoring, hidden beneath the layers of exquisite fabric, hand-stitched with meticulous care. Today, we invite you into the world of Miguel’s craftsmanship, where every suit is a masterpiece, and every thread tells a story.

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