Important Points To Remember When Renting Your Suit

We are proud to provide you with a top-quality suit rental for your special event,. Please help us serve you better by remembering the points listed below.
    1. Please be aware the 50% of the total rental fee down-payment is non-refundable if the rental is canceled.
    2. We will do our best to accommodate any changes you request. Please be aware changes made within 14 days of use may require additional fees.
    3. Your rental is due back the first business day following use, on the original hangers with the garment bag provided. Late rentals are subject to a $40 per day late fee. Rentals that are not hung up are subject to a $25 service fee. Please help us be on time for the next customer, by returning your rental on time.
    4. Please remember to check all pockets for personal items before returning your rental on hangers to our store.


Please note the replacement charges listed below. All items not returned within 10 days will be billed to the customer accordingly.

Approximate replacement charges for rental items not returned

Coat  $600 Trousers  $180 Shirt $95 Vest $120
 Shoes  $95  Bow Tie  $45  Long Tie  $65  Cummerbund $65
Please inform us how you will collect your rental. We can drop ship your suit directly to you for an additional $30. Or you can pick your suit up in store. Customers declining drop ship and not arriving in store until the day before or two days before the use accepts responsibility for any fit issues.