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Vero translates to “truth”. It is a fitting name for this high-cut, genuine crocodile patchwork sneaker. There is no need for embellishments. Its appearance already says what it needs to say. Its classic design and high-quality construction are statements enough. 

There is a simplicity in its design in that it utilizes a familiar silhouette in men’s footwear. It has a high slope at the top and a gentle curve at the toes. The Vero also features a contrast in textures. Smooth at the top part, but blending into natural leather textures and zigzag stitching at the bottom. The visual impact of such a contrast is highlighted by the impactful colors of the shoe. Vero comes in Honey and Black Cherry.  

The Vero has a leather lining, cushion insole, and rubber sole.

In the case of simple is equal to high style. The Vero is a refined piece and a showcase for excellent craftsmanship.

Genuine Crocodile Patchwork

Style #: Y01


  • Leather lining
  • Cushion Insole
  • Rubber sole
  • Full sizes only
Vero - Miguel's Men's Wear
Vero - Miguel's Men's Wear