Tulliano MARC LS Polo 8517 – Ivory



Tulliano MARC LS Polo, Ivory – A luxurious blend of 55% silk and 45% cotton, this elegant knitwear epitomizes comfort and sophistication. Crafted since 1989.


Tulliano MARC LS Polo 8517 – Ivory. Embracing the exquisite blend of silk and natural fibers, this garment exemplifies the unique allure of silk, characterized by subtle variations in color and texture. It’s a testament to the inherent beauty of silk. Comprising 55% silk and 45% cotton, this luxury knitwear piece from Tulliano combines the sheer luxury of silk with the undeniable comfort of cotton. Tulliano, established in 1989, continues to craft exceptional clothing that resonates with elegance and quality.

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30/S, 32/M, 34/L, 36/XL, 38/XXL, 40/XXXL




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