Espresso Herringbone Wool Tie by Steward & Stearn London



Step into the essence of classic style with Steward & Stearn London’s Espresso Herringbone Wool Tie, carefully selected by Miguel’s Formal Wear.

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Miguel’s Formal Wear is pleased to offer the Espresso Herringbone Wool Tie from Steward & Stearn London. This tie’s rich brown tones and subtle herringbone pattern blend timeless elegance with tactile sophistication. Crafted from sumptuous wool, it provides a luxurious feel and impeccable knot stability. This distinguished accessory is perfect for the refined gentleman looking to add depth and texture to his wardrobe. Its versatile design ensures it can be paired with a wide range of shirt colors and suit styles, making it a staple for both professional and social settings. Elevate your attire with this exquisite wool tie, a symbol of the superior quality and style found at Miguel’s Formal Wear.

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