Leopold 2pk Undershirt Crew/V-Neck



The LeoPold 2pk Undershirt in Crew/V-Neck styles is expertly crafted for a stay-tucked, tapered fit, blending 95% Supima Cotton with 5% Spandex for luxury and comfort.


The Leopold 2pk Undershirt set is meticulously designed to offer both form and function. Choose between Crew and V-neck styles, catering to your varied wardrobe needs. Each undershirt is longer and tapered, ensuring a stay-tucked fit that maintains a sleek, polished look throughout your day. V-neck features a deep V-neck invisible under the outer shirt. Elegant Crew neckline – 0.5″ width collar band.

Crafted with precision, each undershirt is hand-cut and sewn, highlighting our commitment to quality and detail. The fabric used is the pinnacle of luxury – a blend of 95% Supima Cotton, known for its superior softness and durability, and 5% Spandex, which adds a slight stretch for ultimate comfort and mobility.

The Leopold undershirts are more than just a base layer; they are a testament to luxurious comfort and sophisticated design. For the modern man who values style and functionality, these undershirts are an essential addition to your daily attire, providing a flawless foundation for any look.

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Crew Neck, V-Neck