Brass Stays Variety & Case 5161



The Brass Stays Variety & Case (5161) offers 18 brass collar stays in three sizes, neatly encased in a fine leather pouch for the distinguished gentleman.


Crafted for the man with an eye for detail, the Brass Stays Variety & Case (5161) is an essential ensemble for maintaining a crisp, well-put-together look. This set includes 18 brass stays, available in three different sizes to fit a variety of collar styles and sizes. Each collar stay is precision-crafted from high-quality brass to ensure your shirt collars lay flat and remain sharp throughout the day.

The stays come elegantly organized in a premium leather case, combining practicality with luxury. The case not only serves as a stylish organizer but also as a portable solution for the traveling professional. Whether you’re dressing for an important meeting or a formal event, these brass collar stays are your secret weapon for a flawless appearance. This set is an indispensable tool for every sartorial wardrobe, a perfect gift for the man who appreciates the power of a meticulously curated look.


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