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Out of Town Groomsmen

Rarely will an entire wedding party reside in the same city and often party members can be spread across the country. We can take care of these needs as we offer the ability to get fitted anywhere in the United States and have a suit drop shipped to try on at home.

Scroll down to use our tool to find a provider close to you for a fitting and then submit your size to us and your Miguel’s stylist will make sure every detail is handled no matter if your wedding party is down the street or on the other side of the country.

Wedding Party Fittings

If the wedding party can visit us for a fitting we can provide a truly unique experience that reflects the level of service we pride ourselves on.

We offer a catering options so the groom and his party can relax and enjoy the day while allowing our stylists to perform the necessary fittings.

We can also direct you to local establishments to create a special day or weekend for the wedding party, highlighted by your Miguel’s group fitting.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

How Weddings by
Miguel’s Works

Schedule a wedding consultation online for your preferred time, date and location. You’ll receive a confirmation by email On the day, our experienced menswear stylist will all your questions and guide you through the extensive product, fit and style options.

Once you place your wedding, your individual preferences and selection is saved, and confirmed via email. Instructions are sent via email to be shared with your wedding party.

Your order is checked two to three times and arrives in store the week of your wedding for rentals or four to eight weeks after order for purchase.

Like a great wine list, our starting package is of exceptional quality and value. Our clients save on average $100* or more with our packages. Base prices are quoted, items are upgradable, and items can be added to packages.

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