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Miguel’s: A Journey of Vision, Goals, and Community

Sharing Dreams and Goals for 2024: A Personal Message from Michael T. Claude, Jr.

Welcome to a different kind of blog post today. This one is deeply personal, as I, Michael T. Claude, Jr., the owner of Miguel’s, want to share my thoughts, dreams, and aspirations for 2024. It’s about revealing the man behind Miguel’s and asking for your support in our journey.

A Personal Revelation

While running Miguel’s and serving our customers has always been a passion, putting myself out there, in front of the camera and the public eye, has never been my comfort zone. Many might find it surprising, but stepping into the spotlight comes with its fair share of uncertainty and unknowns.

The Origin of Miguel’s

Miguel’s, for me, has always been a labor of love. It started in the most humble of beginnings, from the trunk of my car. I always thought my first business would be a software company, creating solutions for those with intellectual challenges and disabilities. But life had different plans, and Miguel’s was born.

The Vision for 2024

As we march into 2024, I carry a vision and goal for Miguel’s that is bigger than ever. I want to scale our business, aiming for a revenue target of half a million to a million dollars. It might sound like a substantial figure, but it’s what we need to sustain and expand our services, offer jobs to others, and make a meaningful impact in our community.

A Ministry of Blessing

In addition to growing Miguel’s, I believe I’m called to full-time ministry. My mission is to bless others, reflecting the core values we hold dear at Miguel’s. We strive to offer outstanding customer service, transparency, and quality products at affordable prices.

Giving Back to the Community

One of the initiatives we quietly undertake is donating free suits and tuxedos to underserved young men during prom season. Every young man deserves to experience the pride and confidence that wearing a suit can bring. While we don’t seek recognition for this, it’s a part of our commitment to our community.

A Personal Journey

My journey with Miguel’s has been a rollercoaster ride, filled with bumps and bruises, mistakes and successes. It’s been about perseverance, dedication, and always striving to offer the best. I’m pursuing a Christian leadership and management degree to become a better leader and manager.

How You Can Support

I’m not asking you to spend a specific amount at Miguel’s, but I do ask that you keep us in mind. Consider partnering with us if you need neckties for work, church, or nonprofit events. We offer a wide range of items, from suits and dress slacks to dress shirts and accessories.

Get Involved and Stay Connected

Follow us on our new Instagram page, MiguelsBespoke, and engage with us. Your feedback is invaluable. Visit our store, subscribe to our newsletter, or explore our website. We’re here for you and value your presence in our Miguel’s family.

A Different Year for a Different Miguel’s

This blog post is different because 2024 is going to be different. I will step out of my comfort zone to achieve new outcomes. I want to thank you for your support, love, and prayers. Here’s to an amazing 2024, filled with growth and blessings, and making a difference.

With love and gratitude, Michael T. Claude, Jr.

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