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Ladies’ Bespoke Fall Fashion

Dormeuil x Buczynski
Tonik Wool Suits

Striking Business Attire
with an Unparalleled Fit

Miguel’s brings over a decade of experience in bespoke tailoring to the world of women’s custom clothing. Our range of custom womenswear includes suits, blouses, pants, blazers, tuxedos, skirts and more. If you are looking for striking business attire with an unparalleled fit, Miguel’s has you covered. Selecting from thousands of fabrics, patterns and styling options, our stylists will guide you through every step in the process, to create a style as unique as you are.

Your one-on-one appointment will help nurture a personal relationship between you and your stylist, resulting in the creation of an wardrobe that reflects and accentuates your style and practical requirements.

Women’s Custom Clothier

A grandmother’s love is the inspiration for the commitment to quality and personal service at Miguel’s. Our founder’s grandmother instilled the values that drive us to go the extra mile for our clients and provide the highest levels of service. Due to her lessons we learned how to build lasting relationships with people and deliver an unparalleled experience for our clients.

The personal touch is evident in every Miguel’s garment, simply look for the purple stitch. Purple represents the amethyst birthstone, which is shared by our founder and his grandmother, and serves as a touchstone to remind us to always provide the highest quality service and products.

We aim to make her proud and make our clients delighted with their handcrafted bespoke wardrobe.

A Wardrobe for All Seasons

Every women’s bespoke garment we create follows the four C’s of bespoke:

Cloth – woven from the finest yarns and sourced from the finest mills.
Craft – bench-made from a single master tailor, meeting the most exacting standards.
Cut – constructed to your precise measurements.
Client – reflecting you. Your style. Your measurements. Your pattern.

For the current fall season, we feature styling selections from Tonik Wool and Dormeuil & Buczynksi wool custom suits by Miguel’s

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Imagined by You,
Crafted by Miguel’s

Creating custom women’s clothing is a true marriage of art and science, requiring the highest level of specialization and attention to detail. Women’s bodies and measurements are even more unique than men’s, which means finding that perfect fit takes much more care and finesse. Most off-the-rack clothing is constructed as a set of standard patterns and sizes, however our women’s bespoke garments are hand crafted to each client’s specific measurements, allowing for more precise sizing.

The end result are garments that are unique, stylish and flattering.

Both in and out of the office, looking and feeling your best boosts confidence, and nothing fits better than bespoke. You have enough challenges throughout the workday, and your wardrobe shouldn’t have to be one of them.

Schedule an appointment with Miguel’s to begin building your custom wardrobe with our new collection of women’s bespoke.

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