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We offer many packages for our clients and offer both purchase and rental options. Miguel’s has the largest selection of suiting options on the East Coast so we can find the perfect selections for our grooms and groomsmen clients. We offer our Tailored Program which allows for customization and our Essential Suit Program which can take the same suit and accommodate a variety of fits.

We recommend beginning the fitting process 6 to 12 months before the wedding to facilitate the necessary level of communication with the wedding party. Your stylist will consult with you and help guide you through the entire process. We require a $100 deposit to begin the journey and set up the initial wedding consultation.


Your wedding should be the best day of your life, so leave it to Miguel’s to have you looking your absolute best.  Your bride will undoubtedly spend countless hours planning her dress, hair, makeup, and accessories so you owe it to her to wear a suit crafted to the importance of the occasion.  Our team will ensure that you start your marriage right, looking like the man of your bride’s dreams while complimenting her image on your special day.


Nothing exudes timeless elegance like the formal black tie wedding (or white tie wedding). We will help you design and tailor the perfect tuxedo, morning coat or tail coat to match the importance of the occasion. Choose from traditional black or midnight blue, or channel James Bond with an ivory dinner jacket.


A custom crafted suit on your wedding day conveys an air of refinement without the formality of full black tie. Your bespoke suit from Miguel’s is built to last a lifetime, just like your marriage. Dress up your suit with peak lapels and other bespoke details, or add a vest for a look of classic distinction. Best of all, a suit from Miguel’s can work not only for your wedding, but for any occasion where you are called upon to look your best.


Beach weddings call for lighter weight breathable fabrics and summer colors. Consider cotton or linen suiting, or luxury light-weight silk blends for a beach wedding suit. Are you getting married in a vineyard or countryside setting? Your wardrobe should compliment the surroundings and adapt to the season. For a Spring/Summer wedding, consider lightweight wool and cotton blend wedding suits. For Fall celebrations, flannel and tweed suits are excellent choices for the perfect wedding outfit. Your stylist will work with you beginning several months before the wedding to plan the wardrobe and how it should integrate to the location, theme, and time of year.


Rehearsal dinners offer another chance for you and your bride to own the room and look your best. Let Miguel’s build you a custom blazer or sport coat so you stand out from the crowd. You’ll look relaxed and comfortable, while still exuding the confidence and poise that a groom should.


You want your groomsmen (and groomswomen) to look their best on your big day, and we can help you dress the entire wedding party to create a unified aesthetic while still allowing for individual style. Custom suits are the ultimate groomsman’s gift as they provide many years of wear and a treasured memory of a special day.

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Wedding Suits & Tuxedos

James Bond’s Albert Thurston suspenders, Kanye West’s favorite ties by Drake’s London and the Holland & Sherry vintage barathea shirt, and Barney’s New York stud set worn by Barack Obama at his wedding are just a few of the accouterments available to guys at Miguel’s for wedding suits and tuxedo.

The first of its kind, Miguel’s Weddings, a bespoke shop offering men’s wedding suit trends exclusively for grooms and groomsmen.

Miguel’s Weddings gives husbands-to-be the kind of royal treatment women have been treated to for centuries.

How Weddings by
Miguel’s Works

Schedule a wedding consultation online for your preferred time, date and location. You’ll receive a confirmation by email On the day, our experienced menswear stylist will all your questions and guide you through the extensive product, fit and style options.

Once you place your wedding, your individual preferences and selection is saved, and confirmed via email. Instructions are sent via email to be shared with your wedding party.

Your order is checked two to three times and arrives in store the week of your wedding for rentals or four to eight weeks after order for purchase.

Like a great wine list, our starting package is of exceptional quality and value. Our clients save on average $100* or more with our packages. Base prices are quoted, items are upgradable, and items can be added to packages.

For the Groom Packages


$199 – 270

Essentials +

$270 -470

Rental / Purchase

Rental / Purchase

Rental / Purchase

Rental / Purchase


$750 -995



Made to Order

Made To Order

Made to Order



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