Products come and go in this age of innovation, but a few men's essentials have stood the test of time to become timeless classics. Here are a few old-fashioned items worth owning in the digital age.

  • A clothes brush:Your suit coats will last longer when the dust and lint are removed regularly.
  • Braces (suspenders): Fitted properly, braces comfortably replace the belt's cinching strain on the waistband.
  • Wood hangers: High-quality hangers that are shaped to mimic your shoulders support the drape of your coats.
  • Custom-tailored clothing: Throughout history, the nobility, political leaders, and even movie stars have tailored their clothing to support their identity and standing in the world.
  • Bow ties: If you're on the formal side, keep one black and one white on hand for formal occasions.
  • Pocket squares: An elegant splash of silk or linen in the breast pocket adds instant panache to an ensemble.