Secrets of the Suit's Success

Lifestyles and activities evolve over time. Fashions come and go. And yet-the suit remains. If you've ever wondered why the suit has endured in basically the same form for generations, here are three reasons behind its enduring success.

1. Each field has its own recognized uniform, whether the business is military, corporate, medical, or legislative. The suit is the uniform of business, and so bestows authority and authenticity on the wearer.
2. The suit limits distractions. It allows us to put aside a person's background, culture, and upbringing and thereby can help to create a sense of unity in a work group.
3. When we are wearing a suit, focus is on making progress in the business at hand. That focus fosters success in professional endeavors.

The real secret about the suit's success is that it helps businessmen progress toward their own success. As one clothier put it:


Here's to the men and women

who haven't confused

"dress for success" with "dress for recess"

Friday. Or any day of the week.


Here's to the suit which

despite two centuries of challenge and change

emerges intact.

A symbol of sensuality and power.

A great advantage.


Alexander Hamilton wore one.

Cary Grant wore one too.

And so will your grandson.


So here's to the future and the conquests ahead.

Take every advantage you can get.