This year, clothing designers are including several fashion trends in their 2019 lines that the well-dressed gentleman may want to incorporate into his wardrobe for the year.

Tactile fabrics, such as nubby knits and fleece casualwear are prominent this year.

Favored colors include a range of browns, from creamy tans to chocolatey darks, as well as the eminently wearable sage green. Many lines are featuring tone-on-tone ensembles, especially in grays for fall/winter and lighter blues and greens during spring and summer. Prints are currently favoring stripes over checks.

Some designers are bringing back the look of oversized tailoring that creates a relaxed fit in the trending clothing lines, especially in double-breasted suits. Suits will be designed with wide-legged trousers to match the roominess of the coats-or at least include pleats or press folds to create a balanced profile. Look for deconstructed suits as well.

Cross-body messenger bags are trending as well, styled as part of the ensemble rather than merely a handy bit of storage.

Whether you prefer to embrace the year's trends across your wardrobe or in a few carefully chosen accent pieces, you're sure to find a way to enhance your signature style in 2019.