Need a quick refresher on the various types of collar options for your next custom shirt?
Straight collar: A neutral, all-around good choice that works for nearly every gentleman.
Button-down: A classy-yet-casual option that keeps the collar secured in place. Can be worn without a tie, with the top button unbuttoned.
Spread collar: A powerful look that can be created at several angles (medium spread, wide spread). It allows plenty of room for a large, powerful tie knot. The widest spread is called a cutaway collar.
Club collar (rounded): There's a hint of the English about this unique look.
Eyelet collar (for a collar pin): The tiny openings allow for placement of a collar pin. This look is dressy, elegant, distinguished, and quite unusual.
Tab collar: A hidden tab behind the tie keeps the collar in place without visible buttons.
Band collar: The collar doesn't have a strip of fabric that folds over the tie. This is a casual look that should never be worn with a tie.
As your custom clothier, we can design and create your shirts to use the collar style you prefer. Give us a call today to discuss which collar option works best for you.