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Bespoke Suits: The Best of the Best


You want to look your best, and that means you don’t settle for anything less than the best. For men who want to make a lasting impression, bespoke suits are the way to go. With their luxurious details and perfect fit, bespoke suits are the ultimate in luxury. Let’s take a look at what makes these suits so special.

Hand-created paper pattern

Each suit is made from a pattern created by hand specifically for you. This ensures that each suit is as unique as you are and has been tailored to fit your body perfectly.

Fabric cut by hand

Your fabric is carefully chosen for its luxurious quality and then cut by hand to ensure accuracy and precision. Every detail matters when it comes to bespoke suits!

Handcrafted Horsehair Canvas

Horsehair canvas is an essential part of creating high-quality suits, and Miguel’s experienced tailors use only the finest materials available when crafting this piece of your garment.

Hand-crafted lapel canvas

Each lapel canvas is also crafted by hand with attention paid to every detail; even something as small as the buttonhole stitching will be done with care and precision so that you can be sure that your suit looks perfect in every way possible.

When looking for a suit that stands out from the crowd, it’s important to choose one that has been tailor-made just for you – like our luxury bespoke suits! Miguel’s put painstaking attention into every detail so that you know yoursuit fits perfectly while also looking luxurious and timelessly stylish – no matter where life takes you! So if you’re ready to make a statement with your wardrobe choices, contact us today – we would love to help craft the perfect bespoke suit for you!

Visit Miguel’s Formal Wear in Virginia Beach, VA. Committed to the traditional techniques of bespoke tailoring and work with only the finest fabrics available. We have been in the business since 2008 and continue to maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau® for their personable approach. Call (757) 461-5466 to schedule an appointment or visit their website for additional information on the bespoke method.

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