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Bespoke Services Virginia Beach


Imagine the ideal clothing store. Filled with the most stylish luxurious suits, sport jackets, trousers, skirts and the neatest shirts and ties to perfectly compliment every ensemble. Just think of all the accessories from craftsman and artisans around the world. Imagine your delight when you realize that every single item in this perfect store is just your size and styled only with your favorite bespoke details. Imagine the courteous, knowledgeable and professional attention you receive.


Imagine the extraordinary fit of the clothes and the perfect combination of color, fashion and style. Now, imagine never having to leave the comfort of your office or home to enjoy such convenience. You have just begun to appreciate the art and passion we call the Miguel’s Bespoke. 


There are three secrets to a great custom suit: Cloth, Silhouette, and Bespoke Details. Taken separately any one of these three ingredients can enhance a suit; taken together, they make for a truly remarkable suit, a custom tailored suit with noteworthy style.


The first secret to a great custom suit is the cloth. The same can be said of our handmade custom shirts. Every fabric in Miguel’s Collection is carefully chosen for its extraordinary hand, elegant drape, and superb coloration. Miguel’s is counted among celebrated international designers, custom tailors, and luxury manufacturers who understand the wearing pleasure and investment value of a garment custom-tailored from the highest quality fabric.

Sourced from the most renowned designers and weaving mills primarily in England and Italy the luxury and quality performance of Miguel’s cloth is both recognizable and highly sought after. You’ll recognize such distinguished names as Ermenigildo Zegna, Vitala Barberis Canonico, Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry, Dormeuil , and Piacenza Cashmere.


The second secret of a great custom suit is created in the silhouette – that distinguished shape that enhances the best part of the body and minimizes the less attractive features. It’s captured in the proper sense of proportion and balance. While elusive to most mass designers — it’s our forte. We masterfully create a silhouette individually designed with just the right tailoring details, so you can enjoy the Art of Being Outstanding.



The third secret to a great suit is what makes a custom-tailored suit worth the investment – it’s the details. The bespoke details bring your personal touch to the clothes we design and craft exclusively for you. We can point them out and build them in. At Miguel’s they’re a given! From pocket flaps, pleats, and peaked lapels, to Surgeon’s Cuffs with real functioning sleeve buttons, to brace buttons, belt loops, and trouser cuffs, it’s your choice that makes your clothes uniquely your own and contributes to Miguel’s Experience.

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