CUT --- TO --- FIT

Cut To Fit

Creating women’s bespoke suits and separates starts with your fitter taking up to 50 measurements and watching you move, how you hold yourself, and stand when no one’s watching. He understands and will listen to all your requests and qualms: making you look your absolute best comes second nature to the Miguel’s Cutter.

The tailored women’s suits began taking shape With the information transferred to a paper pattern, observations are added to the cut. Like an artist taking a view, making sure that two dimensions effortlessly convert back to three, for tailored suits and separates with an unbeatable fit.


Crafted By Hand

In creating bespoke women’s clothing, there is a tailor for every type of garment. Skirt, trousers, waistcoat, jacket – each needs handling differently. Initially, our ladieswear is constructed from fabric cut into panels, roughly stitched, and – if a coat or jacket – lined with horsehair to see how it hangs. Then adjustments are made as it is carefully assembled again.




Spoilt For Choice

Sumptuously soft cashmere wools, timeless dusky tweeds, summer-light hopsacks, silky satin velvets. We have thousands of cloth samples to choose from, in colours that can illuminate, soften or enrich skin tones and weights and weaves that work for different seasons, climates and occurrences.

Whether you’re a working professional looking for brilliant businesswear and stand out women’s suits for special occasions, from the boardroom to the ballroom and for every occasion we offer beautiful ladies couture garments.