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Miguel’s Bespoke with
Century Old Techniques

The Height of
Handmade Luxury

At Miguel’s we offer clients a true bespoke experience where we get to know our clients individually. A custom and personal experience is essential to putting clients into the clothes that best fit with their lifestyle. We make clothing tailored for you and you alone, because nobody is built like you and nobody moves like you. Your clothing should make you feel confident and be an extension of you as you present your best self to the world.   

With a true bespoke wardrobe, you will never have to get ready – you will always be ready. 

Making it personal with
the world’s finest fabrics

We build your wardrobe like a carpenter would build your house. First we need to meet with you and get to know you in order to build the blueprints of your wardrobe. We want to know how you live, work, and play so we can customize your clothes to work for you. We want to build a relationship with our clients while building their clothes.

A Bespoke experience with Miguel’s starts with selecting the finest fabrics, choosing the style and cut and discovering tailoring techniques that will result in a suit crafted exactly to your measurements and personalized details inside and out.

Miguel’s has a genuine dedication to craft, personalization and heritage that is woven into every aspect of our collections.

The Bespoke Suit

When you first meet with a Miguel’s clothier, we will take over fifty detailed measurements and photographs to build your profile and learn your individual needs. Next your information is sent to our Savile Row trained tailors to produce garments for your base fitting, which we call the First Cut.

During your First Cut session, you will experience a genuine bespoke fitting where we fine tune your clothes to the way you sit, stand, walk, and move. Think of this part of our process as going from two dimensional to high definition 3D.

After this fitting your clothes are sent back to the tailors for further adjustments and customization. In eight to ten weeks you can expect to receive clothing that is made exclusively for you. Over eighty hours go into every suit we make because every suit we make is an individualized piece. We will then follow up with you every six months to ensure you always have the clothing you need for any situation.

We want to be your clothier for life.

Suit Design Inspired
by You

Choosing the bespoke suiting option affords a large degree of control over your finished garment and input throughout the entire process. During your fittings you will have the opportunity to hand pick every detail in terms of the cut, fit and finishing touches, as well as be able to incorporate any personal preferences.

You can expect us to take dozens of measurements when we fit you for your custom clothes, much more than the standard set you may be used to. This is to make sure your piece is truly a one of a kind garment made for a one of a kind individual.

The highly personalized nature of the Bespoke suit process is a marriage of your individuality and our expertise, enabling us to create an exquisite suit that speaks volumes of the man or woman who wears it.

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