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Established 2008

Virginia’s Most Experienced
Bespoke Tailor

Tailored For Confidence

Miguel’s is a  locally owned and operated haberdashery and clothier in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Miguel’s offers superior quality garments and highly personalized service. Our custom-tailored bespoke clothing ensures that our clients consistently look their absolute best, wherever their journeys take them.

Suits You the Right Way!

Miguel’s was founded in 2008 as a private wardrobe service for the discerning gentleman. From our beginnings, we have learned the art of cultivating relationships, the importance of making a great impression, and naturally, how to dress for every possible situation and occasion.

As our clientele has grown across many lifestyles and professions, so has our reputation and service. Today we are established as the leading Menswear expert and clothier in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Tailoring with a World of Difference

Miguel’s Bespoke tailoring fuses the impeccable fit that is our hallmark, with the added cachet of a tailored suit that is crafted exclusively for you. The first time we meet, you’ll be measured by a Tailor and consult with a Stylist to discuss the styles you may be looking for, your lifestyle, work, and travel habits.

All of these factors will determine the fabrics and cut that we recommend for your bespoke suit. When considering the finer details, we’ll guide you on everything from button placement to pocket size and positioning, with no detail overlooked. In fact, we have tailored jackets specifically to accommodate a new phone or favourite pen. Working with the styling and tailoring team at Miguel’s will provide you with a wardrobe that allows you to approach life with confidence and present your best self to the world.

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