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A Guide to Sizing & Fit for Men’s Suits


Whether you need an outfit for a formal event or the office, investing in high-quality men’s suits can provide you with appropriate and attractive attire. However, making sure the jacket and pants fit you properly can ensure your suit looks professional and flatters your body. Here’s what to know about sizing, measurements, and fit. 

What Do Men's Suit Sizes Mean?

Suit jackets typically feature tags that display numbers and letters. The number represents the chest size, or the total inches measured around the arms and widest part of the chest. The letter reflects the length of the jacket, which corresponds to your overall height. Short (S), regular (R), and long (L) are standard lengths, but men’s clothing retailers may offer extra-short (XS) and extra-long (XL) jackets for shorter or taller men. 

Pants, on the other hand, display only a number on the tag, which refers to the waist size in inches. Since suit pants are usually not as stretchy, you’ll likely need them in a larger size than your casual pants. Additionally, since the fabric likely won’t bunch up as easily, suit pants might be longer than casual jeans or trousers.

How Should a Suit Fit?

To have a perfect fit, the shoulder of your suit jacket should lie flat and have a seam of the same length as the bone beneath it. While standing, the jacket should button with ease and without any wrinkles forming around the closure. The sleeve should end just above the wrist bone, allowing about a half-inch of the dress shirt cuff to extend beyond it. 

Additionally, suit pants should drape smoothly over the buttocks without bunching, wrinkling, or appearing tight, and the pant cuff should rest on the top of your dress shoes, leaving a small break or wrinkle right above the cuff. 

A professional tailor can take measurements to make a custom suit that fits your body perfectly. Additionally, they may make any necessary alterations to the jacket and pants, ensuring your suit fits correctly and looks flattering from all angles. 


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